Star Wars: Episode 8 Predictions (Update)


So- I wrote the first concepts a while ago, which you can find somewhere on my page, but reading over it I realize that there are ideas I want to change… and add.

After over a year of analyzing whether Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter or not, which is the most anticipated reveal (in my opinion), I have concluded that she… ISN’T.

HOW COULD SHE BE? That’s wayyy too obvious, Disney. And since Cry-lo Ren is a big enough splash of extra Skywalker excitement the plot doesn’t really need Rey in the family tree.


The biggest giveaway, for me, is after Rey has the force vision and what Maaz says to her right afterword’s. “You already know the truth… Who ever you are waiting for on Jakku… They are never coming back, but there’s someone who still could.” With which Rey knowingly responds “Luke.” This tells me that Luke definitely knew of Rey before she was taken to Jakku. But more importantly, it tells me that Rey’s real mother and/or father can not come back for her.

Another big giveaway is the lack of familiarity General Leia and Han show for her when they meet her and discover her story. Even after her circumstances are explained there is still no visible ‘ahhh’ moment from either of them. The only one with an ‘ahhh’ moment is Maaz and I think that is because she knows what TF is up with that messed up galaxy.

The only person that shows familiarity with Rey, besides possibly Luke at the end of VII, is Kylo Ren. And even that observation is debatable. Sure he gets all flustered when the dude says, “assisted by a girl,” but when he is interrogating her he seems to approach her not realizing that she is strong with the force. In fact, Kylo is shocked when Rey is able to enter inside of his mind. Of course that could just be his astonishment at the fact she has been stranded on a dessert and still knows how to get inside of his head… Kylo, u weak, boi.

My Conclusion is that Rey is the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi, which would explain why Maaz understands who she is after the force vision. It is confirmed that Maaz knew Yoda, so if she knew Yoda I’m sure she at least knew of Obi Wan.


IT WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN WHY OBI WAN’S CHILD WOULD PUT REY ON A DESERT PLANET. BECAUSE OBI WAN ALWAYS TREATED THE SAND AS A SAFE PLACE TO BE (because of the whole hiding from Vader thing and the sand and- oh you got it). Listen okay you got the: Jedi mind-trick, ninja scaling of walls, the accent, and the desert seclusionnnn. What more proof do you need?

Let’s not forget that the Kenobi/Skywalker duo has been a tradition within both trilogies. THE KENOBI FAMILY CAN’T BE GONE JUST LIKE THAT.


Another idea is that Rey’s parents were either part of the rebellion and killed by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren, or they were actually apart of the rising First Order and wanted to keep her away from Luke. Maybe they were just regular average joes and still wanted to keep her away from him? (Especially since a whole bunch of his young Padawan babies had just gotten killed. Bruh. Who’d trust that dude?)

This has turned into me just talking about who Rey’s parents are… BUT YA GOTTA ADMIT- IT’S DRIVING YA CRAZY.

Next I still think that Luke is going to train Rey. Like I said in my other post, I think that he’ll profusely not want to have anything to do with fighting or training in the slightest, but in the end it’ll be a nostalgic comparison of Yoda and Luke in episode V.







Okay I warned ya. Leaked set pictures have surfaced on the internet over the last year and they are delicious. Between the First Jedi Temple and Space Bars to Ships and a Giant Tree, I have no idea what to make of it all together. Well… I have somewhat of an idea. The Giant Tree is suppose to have something to do with the First Jedi Temple and the Force in general. I’m not sure who we are going to see there, but I predict it will be an interesting and historical element to the story. Also Kylo Ren is the only one who went to the island where they shot the First Jedi Temple. No Leia, no Finn, no Phasma. This tells me that there will be a reunion of sorts between Kylo and Luke.

SPEAKING OF KYLO he’ll definitely have a giant scar of his face and possibly a robot leg or something crazy. Is anybody else incredibly curious if anyone saved his helmet from the bridge before the planet blew up or is that just me? Because like- he just left it there… VIII is anticipated to be a lot darker so I think through Luke and General Leia we’ll learn more about how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. AND LIKE I PREDICTED IN MY OTHER POST I believe that we’ll be introduced to the Knights of Ren.


Finn’s place in the story is honestly the hardest thing for me to predict confidently. I Am confident that he’ll live after his injury and that he and Rey will encounter each other again at some point… Though it may take a hot second.

I think that VIII will end with a bang just like VII, specifically with injuries and more fighting. I know that General Leia is suppose to get badly hurt so I predict that the First Order will attack their rebel base or shit and something dramatic like that will happen. As for what they’ll do regarding Carrie Fisher’s death, Rest in Peace omg, thinking about it stresses me out.

These are my updated Star Wars: Episode 8 predictions. Thank you so much for reading and MAKE SURE TO FAVORITE AND SHARE THIS, AND LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.

Also, I hope they give us more Poe Dameron and the droids. That is my personal wish, Disney. I need to hear more of C3PO’s relatable comments of anxiety…






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