Models Below Expectation

IF YOU’RE A SHORT GIRL- STAND UP! Even though it still looks like you’re sitting…

If the title is misleading: I want to specify that I am speaking about models who are literally below expectations. Meaning woman who are 4′10″, 5′0″, 5,3″, 5′6″, so on and so on.

Basically, the short gals.

I am proud to say we live in a world where plus size women are being viewed as beautiful and exceptional model material. People are saying “Curves can be sexy too!” And Plus size woman everywhere are fighting for their right to be seen as beautiful.

I saw a commercial for plus size woman’s lingerie and thought “wow, those woman are gorgeous.” They looked so confident and it got me thinking, if larger woman can do it, why can’t the short ones do it too?

For a very short time in my childhood I dreamt of becoming a super model. I would pretend to be on the cat walk going up and down my aunt’s kitchen, all the while her cheering me on and saying how I “got the moves down.” Growing up short it wasn’t long before I learned most models were as tall as sky scrapers and my chances of becoming one were slim to none.

The average height for a female model is 5 feet 11 inches.

Right now at almost twenty years old I am 4 feet 10 inches.

That’s over a whole foot difference.


When I see images of people like Taylor Swift and her squad, or anyone walking down the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I think “Damn. Is that what the world wants?” Weight is something you can change. Being short isn’t. Now I’m not saying if you are over weight that you should change, or that being tall is bad. All that I’m saying is that there is more to modeling or being the perfect actress than the shape of your body. Even my bestfriend has said to me during a Halloween costume discussion, “You can’t dress up as Rapunzel, you’re too short. Maybe if you wore heels.” And for the first time I wasn’t afraid to say WTF THAT IS HEIGHT DISCRIMINATION.


She saw what she did and apologized profusely, but I think it is important to stand up for who you are. Even if you are Latina and you want to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter: Who the HELL is going to stop you???

Another problem with having strictly taller models is that most clothes are designed for tall people. I have never found a fashion company that accommodates true petite sizes. Pants are still too long. Necks will still be too small. And a lot if trendy styles look best on people with long legs and/or long torsos. If short models where more of a norm then more clothes and style trends might ACTUALLY FIT AND SUIT US.


My dream may not to be a super model anymore, but I wanted to bring the subject and topic to light for those who have never thought about it. I have so many beautiful short and average height friends who are just as pretty as all of the tall and plus sized woman who are models today.

Curvy woman are making their movement now and thriving.

Now it’s time for my fellow short girls to fight for their right to model.


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