As Someone Who Isn’t Democratic or Republican

As someone who is not strictly Democratic or Republican- life is a bitch.

Politics can and will be unbearable, especially when one is indifferent about all personal opinions. It isn’t that I’m not an opinionated person, but that my outlook is simple: This is what I think sometimes and this is what I think other times, and it’s okay if you feel differently.


Sadly some of the world, or at least much of America, has a different way of looking at things. They band together with the people who’s opinions are similar to theirs and fight the people who have completely different views.

Grab a Pitchfork. Grab a Gun. Say a Hurtful Word or Two. Burn a Flag.

Burn. That’s what our nation is doing right now. Burning. Not because of who our glorified leader is, because we are tearing each other apart with our contemptuously unshakable opinions.

Being a relativist means one sees a glass of water half full AND half empty. I see the pleasant things about a person and I see the intolerable things. I see Liberal views and I see Conservative views, though I grew up in a strictly Republican household, but I have never spoken a world against the Democratic party. I choose to be on both sides. I strive for balance. An aesthetic of the equilibrium, if you will.

I guess what sparked my interest in blogging about this came from a lot of the people I follow on Facebook of whom I knew in High School. Mostly “Feminists” who the most that they can do is share an article about America in peril and talk about how bad Trump is, which I agree, he is not very likable. But it is when I see hate comments towards Republicans, and articles dismissing Pro-Life marchers reasons for marching- it makes my heart swell with dysphoria. To those people: Fuck You.


Whether you claim to stand for equality and freedom for all or not, what you are doing is putting down the people who think differently than you. I could have a panic attack each time I get on social media just because of the overwhelming despair I feel for humanity, no matter what side you stand on.

It’s hard when one doesn’t stand on any side, because all they wish is for everyone to get along and see the world in quaint and utter honesty. The side I stand on… Is the side of innocuous harmony.


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