Star Wars: Episode 8 Predictions

SPOILER WARNING: Obviously, right?

This post will contain material from the Star Wars movies, especially episode 7. If you haven’t seen it yet, which is very unlikely, click away!

Last chance, leave now or forever hold your peace. Thank you.

Alright, now that it’s just the cool kids, let’s get to it.

I could literally always be talking about Star Wars, only for everyone in my life to get annoyed and leave me in the dust. Seriously, it’s bad. I was trying to have a serious conversation with my mom on who I thought Rey was and she turned away from me mid sentence and said “That’s not really my thing.”


I know right? How dare she.

Star Wars the Force Awakens has broken all kinds of records since it’s release. I went on opening night, December 18th and it was magical. I couldn’t stop thinking about the movie and the stories in general, so here I am with my predictions on what will go down in STAR WARS EPISODE VIII.

First things first. Rey:


Rey is one of  the main  new characters in the Force Awakens, played by the ever adorable, Daisy Ridley. The most commonly believed theory is that Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter. I admit, there are a number of reason why this is the case, but I was one of the few people whose gut reaction leaned more towards the idea that she is not a Skywalker. At first I thought it would be too obvious. I thought that I could see right through what Disney had up it’s sleeve, but there was something that made me doubt everything. It was an interview with Daisy where she was asked what deleted scene she wanted people to see. Her answer? “A bit about the arm… Classic Star Wars…” My eyes went crossed and I couldn’t breath. WHOSE ARM? HERS? If it is indeed about her arm then there is no doubt she is a Skywalker.


It has been confirmed that we won’t be given the straight forward answer until episode 9. I want to believe she is a nobody that just happens to cross paths with the Star Wars gang, but I’m sure the full story is much juicier than what we’re hoping for.

That also leads to what she will be doing in the next movie. I believe Luke will at first resist to train Rey in fear she will be murdered just like the young padawans all those years ago (seen in Rey’s vision). But eventually, I think Luke will realize it is best there is another Jedi and she will start her apprenticeship.

In correlation to this idea, I have noticed that since shooting The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley’s hair has been cut shorter. I know that’s a common thing for actress’ to do now after filming a movie, but apart of me suspects it may be for episode 8.

Think about it. Padawans cut their hair short, leaving a longer braid behind the ear, and grow it out until their Jedi training is finished. Once they have completed training they cut the braid with their lightsabers. Perhaps Rey has cut her hair, leaving a longer braid, to symbolize her Jedi apprenticeship. And maybe somewhere in the mix Finn will be involved in the training too. OR he will want no part of it at all. Either way, I know we’ll see a lot more banter from Finn and also learn more about “what he’s been through” from being in the first order.


It’s been confirmed that the next movie will be much darker. So I expect that we’ll see a lot more of Kylo Ren and  his last steps to  becoming a Sith Lord. We’ll also probably learn more of his reasons for why he has joined the Dark Side and be introduced to the Knights of Ren. I inticipate we’ll see a lot more interactions with Snoke, and in episode 8 we’ll learn who exactly he is and why we should be scared sh*tless of him.

Also, an inevitable event is Luke’s reunion with the original gang: Leia, Chewy, C3P0, and of course R2D2. There will also be the sadness and mourning towards his dear friend, Han Solo. Of course, I’m sure he already knows, since Jedi intuition… and stuff.


More connections will be made and lost bits that will blow our minds from what happened between Return of the Jedi and now will rise to the surface.  Come on, who isn’t excited for episode VIII? (Excluding my mom)

Man, I can’t wait until May 2017.


….. neither can Yoda.



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